Cheerleaders Only



                        We have an all female Tanning team.

  • When you click on "Schedule Tanning" Button below, you will find the show that you are competing in and be able to schedule your appointment time. 


  • All information for that Competition will be available to you. 


  • You will only need to select 1 appointment time. 


  • Each Cheerleader needs to put in their own Phone # and Email.

       If you are booking for More than one athlete, please put in each athlete's Phone # and Email.

        (Put the email in correctly.  If you don't, you will NOT receive a confirmation email back. 

          You can also change or cancel your appointment from your return email and all the tanning info is there


  •  $30 Payment Due at time of booking.





Skin Preparation:

Shower and gently exfoliate before coming to tan.

No Deodorant or lotions on skin.

Bring Dark Loose fitting clothing to wear after tanning.

All female Cheerleaders can be sprayed in Shorts and  Bandeau Top.  Or whatever they are comfortable in.



                   ABOUT US

The Hot Spot been a leading spray tan company for athletes in the fitness industry in Florida and around the US for the Last 10 years and we want to welcome the Cheerleaders into our Squad.  We have decided to extend our services to the Cheerleading industry because we consider you fitness athletes also. We have an all Female Tanning Team and we will go to the Large Competitions in Orlando (e.g., Worlds, Summit D1 & D2).  We will be set up for tanning at a convenient nearby hotel.  You will be with us for only 30 minutes total and you will be out the door with beautiful color that will last the weekend and then some.  We also have and awesome Hair and Makeup team that travels with us and the charge is $25 per face.  We have online scheduling for both Tanning and Makeup/Hair to make it easy for everyone.  You pick your appointment time, Pay with PayPal and you get a return email verifying all your information.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or call Jen Directly @ 941-724-6595