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Ladies, We are always looking for athletes to work and expedite for us. Usually on a Friday before a show between 3pm and 8pm. You will be paid $75 or get a free "Total Competition Tan". You can work the show that you are competing in and we will tan you at the end of the night or you can save the tan for a later show. If you are interested, Text Alisa @ 727-403-5180 for more details.


  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing (long sleeves & long pants) and your slides. DO NOT wear RED. The RED dye in cotton can tend to turn your skin Green.


  • Please let us know ahead of time if you have issues with turning green or don't hold your color very well. We will have you do an additional step in your skin preparation. Also let us know if you have been burned (by sun or tanning bed) in the past 3 months. Color will not stick or absorb into newly developing skin.


  • We need to know if you have tan lines. You will need to fill them in with some self tanner ONE WEEK before coming to see us. Since you will have to start this a few days prior, feel free to call/text me for instructions.

  • White Nail Polish.  Please bring something to protect the color.  E.g., Nail covers, Foil, etc.

  • If you are very pale, it would benefit you to self apply a couple of coats of color on the Wednesday/Thursday before your show.  Any cheap self tanner will do.

  • If you have 'SUNSPOTS'  we know a great soap you can order online for $10 that will clear it up in 2 weeks.  Text me and I will send you a pic.


  • Women can be sprayed nude due to competing in different posing suits. We will provide you with a hair cap and barrier cream to protect your nails.


  • Bring extra linens to sleep on so you will not soil the hotel’s property. These can also be used in your vehicle as not to mess up your armrests or center console. Also bring extra bath towels and washcloths.


  • Bring something to sleep in that is long sleeved and has long pants. Something that is made of a light cotton, polyester or silk is great. Do NOT sleep in zippers or buttons that will touch the skin. You will be less likely to mess up your color if you sleep with clothing on. If you sleep in the nude you have a chance of ending up with hand prints on yourself!  We usually have acceptable clothing for sale.  Please contact me ahead of time if you might need something to wear.


  • ONE WEEK OUT:  Please prepare for your Spray Tan by showering and exfoliating your body (Every day for one week) from head to toe. Do not forget to scrub your back. Come to us with clean, dry skin. No body lotions, deodorant, or make-up.


  • 10% OFF use Code HOTSPOT.  To order your skin prep kit go directly to the LiquidSunRayz Shop Page and order the LiquidSunRayz Citrus Body Scrub, Citrus Body Butter and Yellow exfoliating towel. Competition Color will go on better and will last longer if you are using these products. (No LIE!)  Also, they will reduce that 'muddy' effect that competitors seem to get after wearing their color for long periods of time. You will start using these products one week in advance of your show, so order them ahead of time! 


  • If you have had trouble with you color in the past then I would recommend LiquidSunRayz pH Balancing Body Wash.   

       If you are using other scrub products, make sure that they do not have any perfumes or oils in them.


  • For those of you that have mature or excessively dry skin and need to put a moisturizer on before coming to see us we recommend the Daily Moisturizer by Liquid Sun Rayz ($25).

      This would be the only moisturizer we would recommend. Order directly from the LiquidSunRayz.com Shop Page.


  • DO NOT put on deodorant Before or After applying Color. Deodorant will raise the skin's pH and turn your arm pits green!


  • DO NOT chose now to break out a NEW razor. Especially for your bikini area. New razors are too rough and will leave your skin irritated and the color will grab the irritated area, thus making it turn exceptionally dark. Which means you will have a dark ring around your bikini area. (yuk :) You have to have shaved at least 6 hours before your Spray Tan. You cannot shave after your color is applied.


  • WAXING: If you do not wax on a regular basis, then I suggest that you DO NOT start now.

       If you are currently on a waxing regimen, then make sure the process is done at least 72 hours before coming to see us.


  • If you wear a 'girdle' or a compression band around your waist, you need to exfoliate and moisturize that area really good the week before coming to see us.  It is better to wear a cotton tank top underneath to protect your skin and not leave marks on your body that seem to show up when you have color on.


  • If you wear a sports bra to the gym, change out of it before leaving.  Wearing a sweat soaked sports bra leaves chaffing on your back that the color will grab in the form of an X.


  • Once you have your Competition Color on, you will not be taking a shower until after your competition is over.


  • Once the competition is over and you want to remove all the color immediately, we have available for sale "E Rayz It" Tanning remover by Liquid Sun Rayz ($25) . This is great to use when you need quick removal of color to prepare for back to back shows, or when wanting to get back to natural skin color for any reason.

  • Check your return email for where we will be set up for the Tanning.

  • Alisa Hostettler  727-403-5180