By having us spray on your color you get complete coverage with no streaks or drips. The spray goes on evenly and quickly and dries in under 10 minutes.  Once you book your appointment, you will only be with us for no longer than 1/2 hour and you are STAGE READY!  One coat of spray goes on heavier (darker) than if you paint it on by hand. Depending on your skin type, 2-3 coats will be sufficient. Regardless of your skin type we will spray half as many coats in a fraction of the time than if you were applying it by hand and you will be 10X darker!  However dark you want your color, we can get you there.

We use on-stage competition color from LiquidSunRayz. We will be available to you backstage at most of the IFBB/NPC Florida Shows and we arrive a day early. So if you need an appointment when we get there please schedule ahead of time.

To view and make your appointment for upcoming competitions that we will be at  Schedule Here .


ALL athletes will receive 2 Applications on the day before a show.  Touchups and third applications will be done the morning of the show.  (In most circumstances. :)

We fully understand how important your color is and we pay attention to detail. Why spend days and precious time putting your color on when we can do it for you!

For tips on how to prepare for your Competition spray tan Please print out the following:


Men's Skin prep instructions


Women's Skin prep instructions


To order your Skin Prep Kit go directly to the Shop Page and order the LiquidSunRayz Citrus Body Scrub and Citrus Body Butter.  Competition Color will go on better and will last longer if you are using these products. (No LIE!)  Also, they will reduce that 'muddy' effect that competitors seem to get after wearing their color for long periods of time.  



$125.00 -- NPC/Amateur Total Competition Tan (2-3 applications)

$150.00 -- Unlimited Competition Tan (Recommended pkg for 2 day show)

$150.00 -- IFBB Pro Athlete Package.  Due to the color needs of a pro athlete this unlimited package will work best.

Tattoo Cover up --  Starting at $10.


All packages include touchups.  

 ***The Hot Spot provides complimentary oiling and bikini bite assistance when we are back stage.  We cannot provide these services if we are not the official sponsor or permitted in the back stage area. Please note these services are not priced into the tanning packages, but we are happy to do this as an extra gratis when available.                            


CASH, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover accepted at the time of service.